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What We Do

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pastoral Services

Pastoral and Chaplains Services seeks to provide soul-care in a Christ-like manner to those who are hurting in their marriage, grieving a loss or those affected by traumatic situations.  We strive to offer care-giving resources that meet the emotional and spiritual needs of those in our community seeking help.  We are here to help those seeking Family Support Services, Marriage Counseling and Wedding Officiants, Grief Support and Funeral Officiants.  We are committed to providing care from a Christ-centered and biblically-based perspective. We recognize the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth and endorse and utilize only those psychological principles and techniques that are compatible with the Scripture.  


Crisis Chaplaincy

Chaplains from Pastoral and Chaplain Services serve to support you as a spiritual counselor.  We help to bring healing to hurting souls by providing spiritual and emotional comfort, especially to those in crisis.  We assist members of our community during times of tragedy, such as serious injuries, accidental and natural death, homicides and suicides, and make death notifications, officiate funeral services, in addition to providing invocations and benedictions at functions.

We serve in many environments such as hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement, educational institutions, and disaster sites.



Pastoral and Chaplain Services aims to provide basic crisis chaplaincy training to introduce ordinary people to the extraordinary opportunity of volunteer chaplaincy. Chaplains are taught to minister to hurting members of our community, showing the love of God to people in practical, caring ways, regardless of the individual's personal beliefs.    Each one of our pastors, chaplains and counselors are trained professionals in fields such counseling, marriage & family, and pastoral counseling. Our Volunteering program is based on the premise that making a real difference is not only possible but vital at PCS Ministries.

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