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We do not grieve like those without hope

July 10, 2023

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

As you all know, my son, Matthew, was called home to be with our Lord in December. Matthew was very supportive of the ministry God has called me into. My family and I believe he would have wanted the ministry to be supported and so many of you have done so. We are so grateful and as we work through the loss of Matthew, we’re comforted knowing he is with the Lord and that this ministry continues through your generosity.

Ministry opportunities are always present. Throughout the past six months, I’ve been blessed by serving at the bedside of several people who were sick and some of whom were in hospice care. The support needs of those afflicted all vary and I am humbled each time I am called to be with folks going through difficult times like these. Having the opportunity to also support the families surrounding their loved ones allows for additional opportunities to be His hands and feet to those who need it. Four of the people I ministered to went to be with the Lord in the past few months, and I was blessed and honored to officiate their respective funerals.

God has continued to put me into call out opportunities to support first responders who have experienced traumatic events. These opportunities to minister have mostly been in La Porte, Texas City, Bacliff, and Galveston, as well as to assist employees of Gulf Coast Centers. These situations and needs can vary quite a bit, but I am blessed to have opportunities to listen and minister to so many people through prayer and words of encouragement.

Crises and traumatic events are where I feel that God has gifted me to carry out His work. This is evident through my years as a first responder and the abundance of opportunities in which God has placed me to minister. My passion to serve in these settings requires continuous education. I was able to attend a four-day Crisis Chaplain training in February that was sponsored by K-LOVE.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of pastors in Santa Fe to share about crisis chaplaincy and will be returning to meet with one of the churches to teach lay people in a spiritual care class. I also had the opportunity to meet with a group of six priests in the Galveston Catholic Diocese at St. Mary Basilica to discuss crisis chaplaincy and pastoral care.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to participate in these opportunities and to be invited to share my experiences.

My passion to minister to couples leading to their marriage is evergreen. I am always honored when asked to officiate weddings and really enjoy sitting down with couples to provide Christ-centered mentorship ahead of their union. There are three weddings coming soon that I will have the privilege of officiating—always grateful to see young couples commit their lives together in a Christ-centered marriage!

Over the past year, launching this new ministry has been challenging, especially with Matthew's passing. There are many moving parts to keep things going, but our board members have been amazing and truly a Godsend. They’ve been so giving of their time and efforts to set up the necessary structure and I am truly grateful for their dedication and willingness to share their many talents to help build this ministry.

The board approved the addition of Melissa Tittle and Mason Mays as advisory board members in May. Melissa will serve as the Director of Creative/Social Media, and Mason will serve as the Director of Communications/Media. I am thrilled to have our daughter and son supporting and serving alongside myself and the Board! Melissa has streamlined the website ( and created the social media page. Check it out and follow us on Facebook @ PCS Ministries. Mason will be serving alongside regarding communication and fundraising efforts to come.

In the coming months, there are two conferences we’ll be attending: the BGCT (Baptist General Convention of Texas) Chaplains Conference in San Antonio and the ICPC (International Police Chaplain Conference) in Benton, Arkansas. Pray for the expansion of chaplain training and knowledge, and safe travels.

We continue to seek to serve the Lord in our community where He leads us and where there is need. Prayers are appreciated as tragedies unfold almost daily and crisis chaplaincy is requested and needed.

Thank you for your love and support over these past six months. Our family is forever changed, but we do not grieve like those without hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). A few days after Matthew passed, a pastor friend told us that God was broadening our earthly experience to equip us to minister to others who have lost a child.

May He get the glory in all things.

In Christ,

Moe Mays

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